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DÖYÜŞ XƏTƏLƏRİ Çəkildi: TRUMP-un Ohayo ştatındakı dramatik mitinqi və təlatümlü İsrail-Həmas münaqişəsinin həlli

# Trump’s Ohio Rally: Endorses Moreno, Criticizes Biden and Dolan

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The article shows a center-right bias, providing detailed information about Trump’s activities and criticisms of Biden, while also covering international issues from a conservative perspective.
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The emotional tone is slightly negative, focusing on conflict, allegations, and ongoing crises.
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# Trump’s Ohio Rally: Endorses Moreno, Criticizes Biden and Dolan

On March 16, 2024, former prezident Donald Trump rallied in Ohio. His primary goals were to endorse Senate candidate Bernie Moreno and critique President Joe Biden’s policies.

## Trump Endorses Moreno

Trump unambiguously supports Bernie Moreno, praising him as a representative of “America first” values. Despite past criticism from Moreno, the latter now seems to respect Trump. This endorsement comes amid allegations that Moreno had an adult website profile linked to his 2008 work email. The Associated Press is investigating these claims.

## Criticizing Biden and Dolan

Trump quickly criticized Biden’s border management policies, alleging they threaten Social Security — a key issue he vows to protect if re-elected. He also targeted state Senator Matt Dolan, labeling him a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) and accusing him of imitating Mitt Romney. This attack underscores the GOP’s internal divide between pro-Trump factions supporting LaRose and Moreno and establishment Republicans backing Dolan. The winner will face third-term Sen. Sherrod Brown in November.

## Supreme Court Verdict: Trump Triumph?

The Supreme Court unanimously decided to keep Trump on the 2024 presidential primary ballots, thwarting Colorado, Illinois, and Maine’s attempts to penalize him for the Capitol riots on Jan 6. This ruling reverses a Colorado Supreme Court decision, asserting that only Congress — not individual states — can disqualify candidates under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

However, Trump’s legal troubles persist. He faces four separate criminal trials, including one for alleged business record falsification during his 2016 campaign beginning later this month in New York.

## VA Photo Controversy: Misunderstanding?

VA Secretary Denis McDonough reversed a memo banning VA displays of the “V-J Day in Times Square” photograph — previously deemed inappropriate for depicting a non-consensual act — following social media backlash.

# Israel-Hamas Conflict: Crisis Escalates

The Israel-Hamas conflict continues. Israeli airstrikes on Rafah’s residential areas have resulted in heavy casualties, with at least 13 Palestinians dead. Amid this crisis, aid supplies are being dropped into the Gaza Strip as children reportedly die from malnutrition and dehydration at Kamal Adwan Hospital.

## Ceasefire Talks: Stalled

Efforts by the U.S., Qatar, and Egypt to negotiate a six-week ceasefire and prisoner exchange have not yet succeeded. Hamas demands a permanent ceasefire and full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza — terms rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until all hostages are returned and Hamas is dismantled.

## Humanitarian Böhran Dərinləşənlər

The war, initiated by a Hamas attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7, has devastated Gaza, pushing a quarter of its population towards starvation. Over 30,000 Palestinians have reportedly been killed and about 250 hostages taken since the conflict began, indicating the crisis is far from over.

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